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The Therapeutic Effects of the Massage Therapy

Therapeutic effects for massage? Yes massage is one ancient practice that has been found to have therapeutic effects. It has been maintained throughout the generations mainly because of the therapeutic effects of all time. It is not just done for fun. It has some effects that have been established to be beneficial to the body. Ever wondered a practice that has been there since time immemorial and has comfortably been passed from one generation to another through the various generations? Massage is one such practice. It has never faded through the generations and is one practice that has fitted in all of the generations. Both the young in age and the elderly have found massage to be therapeutically beneficial to them. The following are the therapeutic effects of the massage therapy to the body.

Stress Relief Therapeutic Effect

One of the therapeutic effects of massage therapy is to reduce the levels of stress. The stress levels are reduced since the circulation is improved and it is assumed that the body produces the happy hormones. Most of the tension that causes stress in the body is also broken up thus one ends up with lower stress levels.

Back Pain Therapy

This is the major benefit of massage. When most people talk about massage they think of the benefits that it brings to the back. The first solution of back pain that comes to the mind even before checkup is the massage therapy. After a massage therapist massages the back one feels a great relief. However after tests have been done on the back and any problem established then the massage therapist is in a better position to know how to handle the massage. He is able to know whether to concentrate on the lower back, upper back or the spinal cord. The massage of the back can also be done after a hard day?s work or after one has carried heavy luggage.


Another therapeutic effect of massage therapy can be achieved through reflexology of the feet. This is done more like a healing massage therapy. The points at the feet which correspond to various parts of the body are massaged. Pressure is applied to the feet in a way that one is able to feel the effects from their body organ. The massage therapist who is a reflexologist in this case is well aware of the pressure points and how they correspond to the body parts. He is also well aware on how to apply pressure and be able to trigger the healing process or pain reduction.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

This is specifically applicable with slightly more pressure with the sole aim of creating an effect on the bones which lie deep down the tissues which are mostly found on the surface next to the skin. 

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